Our second day in Phuket, Thailand we really wanted to travel to the Phi Phi Islands, Krabi and really see what all the islands were about. We thought about doing a half day tour which many places offer, where you can snorkel, cruise around the islands, etc. After much thought and researching, the idea of us being stuck on a boat with 60+ people we didn’t know, jammed pack like sardines, did not sound to appealing. So we skipped the tourist option and made our own! We chartered a yacht for a full day that included a full crew (and they were the best). This was by far the best day ever! We got to plan out our entire day and go where we wanted without a schedule. It was like a dream…cruising around the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand and stoping when and where we choose!  Lunch prepared by the Chef included original Thai food…..with a side of chicken nuggets! haha! Although, I am not complaining, because they were served with a side of Thai sweet and sour sauce! We got stereo-typed quite a bit in Asia. When we requested to go to the local village (the markets) the taxis would take us to the mainland shopping mall. When we asked to go to the street markets for original Thai food cooked by the locals…they would take us to 7/11 or KFC. (There is a KFC in almost every city in Asia…more than McDonalds!) We went snorkeling and swimming with a school of fish AND DOLPHINS!!!! If anyone knows me, you would know that my favorite animal is a dolphin! I was in heaven. Best day EVER! We decided we wanted to go deep sea fishing; one of my favorite things to do. About 15 minutes after we threw the hooks in the water we caught 3 pretty large fish. I asked if we were going throw the fish back (seeing as we were only fishing for fun)….and while I was asking the Chef brought out a cutting board, huge knife and bowl before I could even get an answer. She filleted the fish and we ate it sushi style right away. She also prepared real wasabi (which tastes nothing like it does in America). American wasabi usually is mainly mustard by the way. Talk about LIVE SUSHI!!! It was delicious! I have never had fish this fresh. In Kentucky we usually pan fry or deep fry the fish before we eat it..lol!  This was by far one of the best days we had on our trip. We could not have found a better way to visit the Phi Phi Islands, snorkel and enjoy all the outer islands have to offer.

Dress: Velvet by Graham & Spencer – Similar (here) , Sunglasses: Ray Ban (here)


  1. This looks like so much fun! I really want to visit Thailand some day! I love your blue dress too!

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