The Library Hotel : Koh Sumi, Thailand

outsideweb I debated whether to actually give a review on this hotel…since the review isn’t what most would expect coming from a travel blogger. After going back and forth, I decided to finally just tell it like it is…since I want to stay true to who I am and my experience on each adventure I take.

After leaving Sri Panwa in Phuket, Thailand; where we stayed 6 nights, we took a tiny plane to a very small island called Koh Sumi in Thailand. Sri Panwa was honestly the best hotel we had ever stayed in, so this was going to be a true testament to how great it was…since the next hotel was nothing even comparable. We arrive on the island which turned out to be amazingly beautiful. The island itself was tiny. It would only take someone 45 mins to drive around the entire island. On the way from the airport, we passed 2 Starbucks, a McDonalds and tons of people trying to sell you an assortment of items right on the street. Automatically I thought of Cancun, Mexico! (Very westernized – nothing like Phuket).

Once we arrived to the hotel I fell in love with the modern design, even though I was being eaten by mosquitoes. The hotel was small, much like all other hotels on this island. The design was so modern and chic – I loved it. The large red pool was my favorite part of the hotel. We checked into our room and started to adjust. We went for a dip in the ocean, came back and relaxed in our hotel room and ordered room service since it was a long day of traveling. The next morning we woke up and I was covered in bites, itching like crazy! We went about the day swimming, etc, until I couldn’t take the heat on my bites anymore. The heat was making my bites very irritated. We took a nap in the room and when I woke up, their were more bites. I thought at first they were from the mosquitoes, since it was clear the hotel had a huge mosquito problem….but they weren’t. After googling to figure out what we were being eaten by….they were BED BUGS!!!! (I am starting to itch even thinking about this). I have never in my life experienced anything like this…ever! It was awful! We immediately went into panic mode….finding garbage bags, zip lock  bags, etc for all of our stuff. We searched for another hotel that was on the way to Bangkok (our next destination). We took an overnight train to a Hotel in Hua Hin, Thailand where we had all of our clothes washed, threw away everything that could not be washed, including our luggage! We showered in super hot heat for an hour or more making sure to get everything off our bodies. When reading up about these bugs, we found out that you can only get rid of them by high heat for 4 plus hours! So if you get them in your home….someone has to wrap your home and heat the inside at 120 degrees or higher for 4 plus hours. I had to throw away all of my makeup (Nars, Chanel, MAC, etc)…curling iron, tennis shoes, sandals…everything that could not be put in a washing machine. It was AWFUL!!!! So we spent the majority of our time in Bangkok, Thailand buying new makeup, new luggage, etc. The Library Hotel also charged us for the 4 nights we didn’t actually stay, as well. Talk about the most expensive 24 hours EVER! 

I hate to leave a bad review, but honestly – the amount of money and time we spent and the torture I lived through for over a week of having the bites….I couldn’t ignore it. I couldn’t really be in the sun after this because the heat irritated my bites and it was painful. Not to mention I couldn’t get a full nights sleep for the rest of the trip! I woke up every 2 hours, lights full on, checking the bed! It was not pleasant!

Let me make one thing clear : this is a 5 star hotel, and I am a very clean person! These bugs do not discriminate! Anyone traveling….please make sure to check the bed, under the sheets, before you lay your head down at night. This is not something you can just spray with bug spray….they do not die! This gave all meaning to the phrase my mom use to say at night “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” 

Location: The Library Hotel ; Koh Sumi, Thailand

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