They say if you dream something, believe it will come true and it will. I am living proof that dreams do come true. When planning this trip to Asia, I knew this was one place I did not want to pass up and I am always excited to check off items on my bucket list. Although I had heard so many not-so-pleasant things about Beijing, and I would now agree upon those things, I knew this was one of the seven wonders of the world I had to see for myself. It was just as amazing as I had expected. To get up to the wall you take a 2 seater Gondola; which I absolutely hate those things because I always have the fear of falling or the cable breaking. The other choice of getting up to the wall was taking over 5,000 steps straight up hill. We passed on this option and opted for the ride up! It was a bit rainy, foggy and a little cool…but I was actually pretty okay with that since I never see rain in Los Angeles.

 Did you know that the Great Wall of China stretches over 8 provinces in China? This wall is massive. After visiting the Great Wall of China, the world seems a bit smaller to me. China itself is so much different than the United States. It really makes me appreciate where I am from and how I grew up.

My idea of traveling to the top of the Great Wall was nothing short of being comfortable. I opted for my beloved 7 for all Mankind Jeans, Green Army Jacket (here) – Similar (here) , Grey Tshirt (similar here) or (here), Ray Ban Sunglasses, Carhartt hat (similar), Nike Sneakers.

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I am so excited to share the rest of my adventure through Asia with you. Stay Tuned!

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