48 Hours in Hua Hin, Thailand

We left Koh Sumi, Thailand after only 24 hours of being there. We found this amazing boutique hotel in Hua Hin, Thailand, which is about 2 hours or so from Bangkok; which was our next planned destination after Koh Sumi. To … Read More

The Library Hotel : Koh Sumi, Thailand

outsideweb I debated whether to actually give a review on this hotel…since the review isn’t what most would expect coming from a travel blogger. After going back and forth, I decided to finally just tell it like it is…since I want … Read More


hotelweb960 Let’s get the monkey business out of the way….I have mentioned before in a recent article on my blog – how important is it to find the best hotel in each city you travel. I think when traveling, the hotel or resort … Read More