I’ve been so obsessed lately with lighter neutral colors…blues, tans, pale pinks, so this baby blue jacket was a must-have. I wanted to go for a more “girly” look the other night, so I paired this jacket with a floral tank and leather jeans from Zara.

How amazing is this wall?! LA has some of the BEST street art. I am not one who usually is “that girly girl”…I love darker colors, plaids, neutrals, think of a girl on the streets of New York City…that’s me, but I loved this top and couldn’t pass it up! Plus, another CHEAP but cute item to add to my wardrobe, duh! That’s a no-brainer. There is also one thing that I absolutely would tell every girl to always remember….a name brand doesn’t always matter when it comes to creating your own style. You can make almost anything look more expensive, just be mindful with what you pair it with, or how you wear it. Plus….if it’s a trendy item, like a floral top or the latest trend – don’t spend big. Save your money for those staple pieces to invest in that will last you years and years!

Shirt: Forever21 / Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Zara / Pumps: Steve Madden (here) but I love these too! (here) 


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