hotelweb960 Let’s get the monkey business out of the way….I have mentioned before in a recent article on my blog – how important is it to find the best hotel in each city you travel. I think when traveling, the hotel or resort you stay at really affects the entire trip. Although some may argue that you are never really at your hotel, but I completely disagree. That’s like saying your home doesn’t truly matter because you are never there. When in reality, your home is your oasis and where you find most comfort and creates some of the deepest memories. It’s true, we all remember what house we grew up in and the feeling it gave us. This is how I view my hotel stays. Each city I travel to, the hotel tends to be the main backdrop and how I truly view the place I am visiting. It leaves some sort of impression in my mind, that also reflects the entire trip.

When traveling to another country, your hotel is like your home away from home. So to me, it is essential to find the perfect place to lay my head at night. A couple sites I visit when researching hotels or resorts tend to be Jetsetter - and Tablet Hotels – Each of these sites have their ups and downs, but this is where I start. JetSetter is a great place to find new “hot” hotels with great discounts and prices. Tablet Hotels has the same, but also has a list of the “most affordable” and “most popular” which is a great way to start to filter the place where you would like to stay. I also google “boutique hotels” or “best places to stay in Phuket, Thailand or best hotels in Thailand (insert the location you plan to travel to).” There really should be a YELP for this! It would make my investigation go a lot faster! lol! (I use yelp for finding the best food in each city, but I’ll save that for another post.) After finding a hotel that sparks my interest, I visit Trip Advisor –; to view other vacationer photos and get the ‘non-photoshopped’ version of what the hotel really looks like. Most hotels don’t update their photos on their website very often, which can be a bit annoying once you get there and realize the place is 20 years older than what the photos showed. It’s always good to do a couple different researches on each hotel, read guest reviews (as they are VERY telling) to truly find the best location to stay! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line or comment below!

Cover-up: Blue Life from Planet Blue; Bathing Suit: Lychee Swimwear ; Location: Sri Panwa, Phuket, Thailand – Monkey Beach


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