The Forbidden City is one place you can not skip while visiting Beijing, China. The enormous palace complex is comprised of 980 buildings and depicts the culture in each inch of the architecture. The Forbidden City was actually home to the emperor who had over 3,000 wives. The reason it was called the Forbidden City is because no one could enter or leave without the emperor’s blessing. Doesn’t really sound like the kind of ‘palace’ I would want to live. On top of that. all the other men inside the city were required to undergo castration and live as eunuchs. This is what you can call total domination.

Beijing was not what I expected, but exactly how others described. It’s full of smog, I thought Los Angeles traffic was bad, LA has nothing on Beijing. It will literally take you about an hour to go anywhere, unless you walk and to me, the city is not that walkable. I would suggest to go – only if you are dying to see the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City.

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2 thoughts on “FORBIDDEN CITY

  1. What an interesting city! I would love to visit someday. I really like your simple and casual all black outfit!

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